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Why become an election volunteer?

How to step up for the November election

Purple Check BoxWhen Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger tried to silence us with a ballot initiative in a 2005 special election, he was stopped cold by thousands of volunteers including Local 1000 members. In 2010, when Meg Whitman spent $160 million to elect herself governor and impose pay cuts on state employees, our volunteers thwarted her millions.

It’s time for members to step up again.

This November, the stakes are even higher. There is a ballot measure to silence our political voice (Proposition 32), and there is Proposition 30 which would raise state revenue for schools and public safety.

“This November, there are important issues on the ballot that directly – and profoundly – affect state workers and our families,” said Local 1000 President Yvonne R. Walker. “If we are to succeed, it will be because thousands of our members took an active role in our state’s future.”

Purple Check Box

Sign up on the right to volunteer in the November election by making phone calls or walking precincts.